A ‘test shoot’, otherwise known as ‘TFP’, is an unpaid yet mutually beneficial collaboration between a photographer, makeup artist and model to build a fashion portfolio. The relations between these collaborators were documented and broadcast via Snapchat—a social media platform centred around the ephemerality of digital photography. This footage was edited into a video highlighting the tension between different experiences of photographic subjectivity.

In construing a photo shoot as a relational artwork, and in documenting it accordingly, the behaviour of the participants is made strange. The photographer, makeup artist and model become the ‘other’—they become objects of viewing through the lens of the documenter. The role of photography as a means of objectifying is demonstrated on two levels: through the collaboration involved in the photo shoot, and through the documentation of such an event.


Test Shoot video stills credit: Brontë Jones and Paul Sutherland.