A tower stands in the centre of the room, with cameras and motion sensors on each face. As viewers walk around the tower, the cameras are triggered and their images are projected onto the surrounding walls. Self Portrait Generator incorporates the behaviour of the viewers into the work and directly reveals within the viewers the experience of being a photographic subject. A tension is created between an individual’s subjective agency and their photographic objectification.

Individual subjectivities are rendered precarious by the existence of others, and the photographic subject behaves according to the circumstance in which they are being photographed. Self Portrait Generator explores the experience of the photographic subject without the photographer. The tower in the centre of the room uncannily substitutes the photographer, leaving the photographic subject to negotiate their behaviour with a hostile and impartial machine whilst encountering over and over again iterations of themselves transformed into objects.


Photo credit (top): Paul Sutherland
Photo credit (bottom): Matt McAlpine